FRIDAY 28 MAY 2021 9:53 AM


The ‘Everyone is Awesome’ set by LEGO is the first product to visually celebrate inclusion and diversity in the brand’s fanbase. Michael Ashton, vice president of design at LEGO, featured in a video campaign supporting the product launch.

The set includes figures and blocks in every colour of the LGBTQIA+ flag. Michael Ashton talks through the idea, design and social context behind the set in an interview format. “Over the last few years there’s been a lot of struggles in the world and that’s really made us reflect as individuals and society. We could all probably be doing a little bit more to show empathy, love and acceptance for other people – and that’s what we wanted to with this set,” says Ashton.

The video campaign clearly outlines LEGO’s brand values of fun, creativity, learning, quality, and imagination. The set makes a visual statement, and the video campaign supports the message behind its creation. Ashton says, “LEGO is for everybody and we wanted to make sure that everyone around the world knows that.”

Ashton explains that the set was something he created for his desk before presenting it as a prospective product for consumers. The video gives an authentic insight into the design of the product and works to engage with existing and potential consumers.

The tone of voice also appeals to the brand reputation as an employer, Ashton says, “I’m really proud to work for a company that wants to make a statement like this and wants to include everybody.” The campaign also speaks directly to LEGO customers, as Ashton dedicates the product to LGBTQIA+ customers as a sign of appreciation and thanks for their continued support.