MONDAY 12 APR 2021 12:30 PM


LEGO Group has partnered with three creators in art, architecture and film as part of its on-going ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign, to strengthen the brand’s social identity as a supporter of children’s creative development.

The 5-minute films highlight the importance of creative play and the benefits of artistic expression, particularly for children. It follows the creative process of US based perspective artist, Alexa Meade, award-winning actor Billy Porter and architect Sir David Adjaye.  

Each video begins with the featured creative talking briefly about their art and the relevance to LEGO. This helps to engage consumers with colourful shots and a documentary style interview.

In line with the LEGO identity as a playful creative brand, the films then focus on its end consumer – children. In humorous interview style clips, children discuss their favourite LEGO creations.

The children and artists then come together and collaborate with the LEGO bricks. Each creator featured is different in terms of style, artistic profession and the message they want to convey. This ensures the campaign is both diverse and inclusive but also interesting and engaging to the widest audience of consumers.

The ‘Rebuild the World’ campaign launched in 2019 to celebrate creativity in children and encourage sensory play with LEGO, to help build skills such as self-confidence and collaboration. In 2021, the idea of rebuilding the world is timely and impactful as children have been unable to meet with friends and practice key social skills.

Jo Lumb, head of We Are Social Studios, says, “The message of Rebuild the World strikes even more of a chord now than ever before. That’s why we set about creating a campaign that would celebrate the creativity that every child has. Working alongside such iconic creators has allowed us to bring this vision to life, highlighting how LEGO play has no boundaries.”

The films were produced remotely due to lockdown restrictions in the UK with the help of service companies in the United States and Ghana, alongside LEGO agency social and production teams.

In true Covid-19 style, UK-based director, Coral Brown, directed the films via video call. The three short films were produced by We Are Social Studios, the production arm of creative agency We are Social in partnership with LEGO.