MONDAY 18 OCT 2021 1:49 PM


This campaign looks back on the history of female liberation to highlight Lovima’s position as one the first over-the-counter contraceptive pills in the UK.

Lovima is a female contraceptive pill manufactured by medicines switch pharma company Maxwellia. This campaign plays on the concept of liberation as it shows historic footage of the Women’s Liberation Front, referencing when the contraceptive pill was first introduced in the UK in 1961.

A female voice over says, “60 years ago, a revolution. The contraceptive pill was introduced. Since then we’ve been patient. Now there’s Lovima.” The video works to show that women have been further liberated as there is now no need to visit a doctor when looking to obtain contraception. The video ends with the image of a pharmacist placing the contraceptive pill in a female customers hand.

Devised by creative studio, Ourselves, the 30-second campaign was launched on television screens from 6 October with the first showing during the Louis Theroux-produced series Sex Actually with Alice Levine on Channel 4.

Charlotte Jiminez, head of production at Ourselves says, “‘It’s about time!’ was the overwhelming response we got from every woman we spoke to whilst working on the campaign. And that’s what this film is about. This one change in regulation has improved women’s access to contraception, and means they have more control over their bodies – and their daily lives. It’s been 60 years, but at last the wait is over.”

The campaign worked to raise awareness of the Lovima brand as a pioneer in the pharmaceutical space after its parent company, Maxwellia, was at the forefront of the campaigns to reclassify the contraceptive pill to be available over the counter. 

Anna Maxwell, founder and CEO at Maxwellia says, " By putting women in control of their bodies and their lives, Maxwellia and our new brand Lovima® is at the vanguard of this long-awaited revolution in women’s healthcare."

Lovima® — This Pill Has Been Liberated from Ourselves on Vimeo.