THURSDAY 13 MAY 2021 11:07 AM


Nike’s latest campaign titled ‘Play New’ encourages people to play sports with confidence even if they are not particularly good at it. The video uses humour to engage with a wider audience and puts a creative spin on inclusion and diversity.

The campaign is based on the idea that if you have a body, you are an athlete and ‘Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete in the world’. The voiceover encourages the viewer to try something new, ‘even if you might suck at it’.

The use of humour is a different angle for Nike, who usually focuses on dramatic and motivational shots of professional sportspeople. The new approach appeals to a wider audience of people looking to find enjoyment from sport rather than becoming the very best.

It shows athletes of different ages, backgrounds and demographics playing sports from boxing and tennis to basketball and golf.  Each clip shows a comedic attempt at the sport often landing in a fall. Elite athletes Sabrina Ionescu, Dina Asher-Smith and Blake Leeper also feature in the campaign, adding to the comedic effect as they slip, fall or miss shots.

Independent creative agency, Wieden and Kennedy, created the campaign in partnership with production company, Pulse. The video has been viewed more than 19 million times on Nike’s YouTube channel since being posted last week.