TUESDAY 28 SEP 2021 2:59 PM


Pampers has released a short video celebrating 20 years of partnership between the brand’s parent company Proctor & Gamble with In Kind Direct, a UK charity distributing consumer goods to charitable organisations across the UK and overseas.

The two-minute video titled ‘Comforts of Home’ starts with a series of facts and research to build a foundation on which to deliver the campaign. White text appears on screen ‘There are over 5 million low-income households in the UK’ and ‘48% of parents have visited a baby bank for baby supplies since lockdown started.’

The video shows behind the scenes footage of Pampers products being produced in factories, packaged and transported by In Kind Direct to families in need. It uses a combination of filmed footage cut with interview clips from Pampers and In Kind Direct employees sharing the reasons why the partnership is so valuable.

Rosanne Gray, CEO of In Kind Direct, says, “Proctor and Gamble have come to In Kind Direct donating essential consumer products, and we are then able to distribute those products to thousands of other small charities across the UK. It’s not just a nappy. For those families who are in need and not able to afford those products, it’s making a huge difference to ensure their family are safe and clean and well.”

The inclusion of interview clips allows Pampers to clearly identify the brand purpose. “At Pampers, supporting babies’ happy healthy development is at the heart of all we do. Through our 20-year partnership with In Kind Direct, we’ve supported thousands of families aiming to make all babies worlds better,” says Selina Butler, baby and fem care brand communications manager.

P&G have been able to deliver over 3.3mn nappies over the last 20 years and this video capitalises on the partnership anniversary as an opportunity to showcase its successful corporate social responsibility efforts.

The ‘Comforts of Home’ video campaign was shared on YouTube and both In Kind Direct and Proctor & Gamble’s website.