TUESDAY 8 JUN 2021 11:24 AM


Rolls-Royce has been working on the new Spirit of Innovation aircraft to break air speed records and achieve net-zero carbon emissions. This video campaign shows the production team at work as they speak directly to the camera showcasing the brand as pioneers of power at the forefront of aerospace electrification.

As a brand with over 100 years experience in the engineering industry, Rolls-Royce positions itself as a trusted and skilled innovator beginning the campaign with historic footage. It links previous iconic aircrafts such as the Spitfire to its new project, the Spirit of Innovation aircraft.

Matheu Parr, customer business director at Rolls-Royce Electrical says, “The project is not just about going fast, the project is about innovation and the technology it takes to go fast, and we’re really proud that our project overall is going to be net carbon neutral.”

The high quality video footage and production aligns with the brand as a driver of excellence in the aerospace engineering industry. This campaign focuses on the successful first taxi test, which shows the aeroplane moving under its own power for the very first time.

Phill O’Dell, director of Flight Operations at Rolls Royce says, “We’re entering an incredible phase over the next few months and then we first fly. I’m often asked about what this step means for the next generation, to be able to look my children in the eye and say I’m sustainable and driving to net zero in electrifying Rolls-Royce – it doesn’t get any better than that.”

The campaign generates excitement as the viewer is watching Rolls-Royce work to break records and achieve the unimaginable. It also documents the brand’s efforts to achieve net zero and raises consumer awareness of its sustainability efforts.

The video was shared across the company's social channels and YouTube.