MONDAY 9 AUG 2021 10:25 AM


Real estate investment trust, SEGRO, has once again partnered with strategic video agency, Big Button, to create a new brand video showcasing the variety of brands and industries it facilitates.

The video uses a range of footage, showing everything from the production of bikes and cakes to the intricate machinery built into product factories and storage units. Upbeat music plays with increasing intensity to mimic the magic and creation that takes place in SEGRO spaces.

Nick Hughes, director of marketing and communications at SEGRO, said, “Shot in all eight countries in which we have assets, featuring a multitude of customers and showing our full range of asset types, the film also brings to life some of the many, brilliant initiatives that we have embarked on with our “Responsible SEGRO” framework.”

The framework reflects SEGRO’s commitment to being a force for social and environmental good, by making a positive impact wherever it operates. The three long-term priorities include championing low-carbon growth, investing in local communities and environments, and nurturing talent.

By pairing a simplistic audio with the variety of short high-resolution video clips, the viewer is directed to focus on the visuals and appreciate the range of industries utilising SEGRO spaces. The video aims to answer the question, what does SEGRO do? It visualises the brand purpose before closing the video with that statement, ‘we create the space that enables extraordinary things to happen.’

The video has been shared on social media and is the centre of SEGRO’s digital homepage.