MONDAY 13 SEP 2021 12:36 PM


Media and entertainment company, Sky, has released a new video campaign highlighting its commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, while also inspiring external audiences to make planet-saving choices.

Sky Zero is the brand for all of Sky’s efforts to reduce climate change, from its corporate commitments to the company’s partnerships with WWF and COP26. This 60-second animated film is the first major campaign created specifically for the Sky Zero brand, with the aim to showcase its pledge to be net zero by 2030. 

Using animation and storytelling, the video is based on the ‘Overview Effect,’ which describes the profound experience astronauts have when they see the earth from space for the first time. Titled ‘The Day the Moon Came To Earth,’ the animation shows planet earth from the perspective of the Moon as it watches the temperatures rise.

Jodie Alliss, head of environment campaigns at Sky Zero, says, “The Moon has watched over Earth since before time began. We thought there was no better character to visit our home and remind us of the wonder it holds. But also, to highlight the uncomfortable truth that climate change is having a devastating impact on the things we love”

 Engine Creative agency developed the campaign used full 3D/CG animation using low emission tech and carbon off-setting, to ensure the campaign was a fully net zero carbon production. The animation took 20 weeks to produce using a combination of concept art, modelling, character design, and water simulation across multiple landscapes.

The animation ends with a message of hope in order to inspire positive change. “We wanted to remind ourselves we live somewhere wonderful that can still be saved. And to see ourselves through fresh eyes. So, we turned to our long-term neighbour, the Moon, and imagined how she might respond to seeing Earth up close for the very first time,” says Leon Jaume, executive creative director at Engine Creative.

The film was produced by Partizan Studio and directed by Pete Candeland. It will run in the UK, Italy, Germany, Ireland and Austria with assets also in OOH, print and social media.

Sky Zero from Engine on Vimeo.