FRIDAY 24 SEP 2021 2:07 PM


Consumer champion, Which? has launched a new campaign calling for new legislation to force tech giants to do more to protect online users from scams, fake reviews and dangerous products.

The multi-media campaign was devised by creative agency, St Luke’s and works to encourage the public to sign a petition demanding the Government legislates to make tech companies take responsibility and be more accountable for the content on their sites.

Neil Caldicott, director of audience in brand and comms at Which? said, “Tech giants can do amazing things on their platforms using technology to make our lives better. However, they don’t seem to put the same effort into keeping consumers safe online.”

Supported by the hashtag #JustNotByingIt, the campaign challenges the idea that tech giants cannot recognise fake reviews, scams or advertisements. The simple animation asks rhetorical questions such as "Tech Giants can tell if you’ve bought a washing machine – but can’t tell you if it’s safe?”

The company has focused on one issue within the digital landscape and demonstrated a strong sense of corporate consumer responsibility as it works to protect people online. The creative targets three consumer areas of Which? that are affected by poor legal regulation: scams occurring on their sites, fake reviews and faulty products sold from their sites.

The short video ends with a call to action “It’s time for the tech giants to take responsibility. Search Which? Campaigns to sign out petition now.”

Rich Denney, ECD at St Luke’s says, “It's time for all the tech giants to stop their excuses. They have the power and technology to monitor their own sites and a responsibility to protect the public who use them. Thankfully we have Which? leading the charge to petition Parliament to get this changed.”

The campaign will use targeted and contextual advertising on the very platforms it is addressing, including YouTube, Google and Facebook.