THURSDAY 17 JUN 2021 12:19 PM


This film from national marine conservation and campaigning charity, Surfers Against Sewage, used real stories to show the power of the ocean and encourage people to help take action against the climate emergency.

The video titled ‘Thank you, Sea’ was produced by Tom Mustill and used footage donated by the organisations community of supporters. It opens by giving thanks to those that donated their stories and videos, it also reads ‘thank you Bicep for the music and inspiration.’

User-generated footage from close up of shots of seals underwater, to families swimming in the ocean plays as the backdrop to pressing issues of rising ocean temperatures, acidity levels, unsustainable fishing and pollution.

The stories featured were originally shared as part of a wider conversation on social media with the hashtag #MySeaStory. By using real stories, the campaign is more authentic and personal which drives an emotional response and action. One woman says, ‘I wrote a letter to the ocean asking to become pregnant. A week later I conceived. We called him Ocean to say thank you.’

The clear white text stands against out against the blues and greys of the ocean footage, while the electronic music without lyrics gives space for the text and images to make an impact. The campaign connects with its supporters and also increases consumer awareness of the organisation.

It ends by signposting towards the Surfers Against Sewage website and its petition to put the ocean at the forefront of the UK’s climate negotiations. The campaign is supported with downloadable educational resource packs for teachers and pupils.