FRIDAY 12 MAR 2021 1:30 PM


Impactful recruitment campaign created entirely in-house works to celebrate the steelmaking industry by showcasing employees and production in action.

Tata Steel created its recruitment video campaign to attract talent for the Communications Annual Placement vacancy in its comms team. 

The impactful video focuses on the job role and different aspects of the unique brand identity. It begins with a focus on the national scale of the company, showcasing different Tata Steel locations and landscapes across the UK. This also works to show the geographical freedom of the role.

It zooms in on specific processes in the production industry before showing employees hard at work. This blend of clips enforces the organisation’s reputation as a community, despite being spread across the country, which is important in light of remote working and isolation this past year.

Upbeat and dramatic music plays alongside the clips highlighting the excitement of the job role as employees support charities, take part in community events and have VIP visits.

Tata Steel offer a number of 12 month placements for university students to gain hands-on work experience. This video campaign focused on the placement opportunity in the UK communications team, but it simultaneously works to strengthen its reputation as an authentic and employee centric company. 

The video was produced in-house and distributed on social media to promote the placement. By using internally sourced content, the video works to show employees and production in action, with no frills. Tata Steel says it rarely uses agencies or outside help to produce content, preferring to visit work areas to see the stories for themselves. 

Gareth Brookes, digital content executive at Tata Steel, says “We’ve been working from home for a year now because of the pandemic, and chances to get up close and personal with the steel making process have been few and far between. Putting this video together reminded me how amazing my job is, and I’m sure the successful applicant will be experiencing that soon.”

Aside from the drone footage, all content for the campaign was filmed and edited by Brookes.