WEDNESDAY 26 MAY 2021 2:21 PM


Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American provider of scientific instrumentation and services to health care, life sciences and laboratories. This campaign aims to attract new talent by showcasing its achievements, facilities and opportunities to positively impact wider society.

The video uses a combination of external footage of families before showing internal footage of Thermo Fisher products in action. It centres on chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies to give the campaign a clear focus on a specific area of innovation and expertise.

It touches on the social challenges of the past year as globally the world has fought to tackle Covid-19 and develop vaccines. The narrator begins ‘Disease is one of the most urgent challenges facing human kind. Accelerating the development of biologic drugs will help deliver a brighter future.’

Using high definition shots of the technology cut between external footage humanises the organisation and shows its contribution to wider society. It vocalises accolades, such as ‘the world leader in serving science’ and clearly positions the brand as a vital contributor to scientific developments that benefit the world.

The voice over narration ends with a collaborative call to action, ‘Together we can accelerate today’s biotherapeutics for a healthier tomorrow,’ before signposting towards the Thermo Fisher website.

The combination of internal and external footage, alongside the clear narration makes for an engaging storytelling campaign, giving context to the technology and engaging with future talent on an emotional and personal level.