THURSDAY 22 APR 2021 8:08 AM


The Rivers Trust commissioned animation and design studio, Tinmouse, to create a new video campaign for its ‘Preventing Plastic Pollution’ initiative.

Tinmouse brought The River Trust’s message to life in an engaging and consumer friendly video, showing the impact of single use plastic while informing and directing the viewer to its website.

Tom Sanders, founder and creative director of Tinmouse, says, “We love the work that they do to help keep our waterways clean and made sure their budget was pushed as far as possible to create a film that took the viewer on a journey, realising the impact of plastic pollution."

The animation titled ‘A little plastic goes a long way’ shows the journey of plastic waste from consumers’ hands into rivers and oceans. The real image of a plastic bottle contrasts with the animated background, ensuring the viewers attention remains on the journey of that single item.

It uses clear and concise facts to compliment the animation, such as ’50% of marine litter is made of single use items’ and ‘By 2050 there could be more plastics than fish in the ocean.’

The campaign ends with a call to action for viewers to help prevent plastic pollution by finding alternative solutions and signposting towards the Preventing Plastic Pollution website.

As part of the wider Preventing Plastic Pollution campaign, a group of 18 organisations across France and England came together with the aim to understand and reduce the impact of plastic pollution in the marine environment.

The video campaign will be shared internationally by partnering newsletters, social media, websites and on YouTube.

A little plastic goes a long way from Tinmouse on Vimeo.