FRIDAY 30 APR 2021 8:00 AM


Vanish UK has partnered with the British Fashion Council and creative agency, Havas London, to shine the light on a new generation at the forefront of sustainable fashion.

The long form video is part of a three-part documentary series released this week. The first episode is 8 minutes long and titled ‘Generation Rewear’. It features three upcoming UK designers on how they are rethinking their approaches to the fashion industry.

While Vanish UK is a stain removal and clothing care company and therefore somewhat associated with the fashion industry, this campaign branches outside of the brand’s own sector to discuss sustainability. It instead provides a platform to discuss sustainable fashion in the broader sense.

This highlights Vanish as a part of the global discussion on environmental issues and works to increase consumer perceptions of the organisation as an active participant in sustainable change.

The video addresses consumers’ excessive consumption and disposal of clothing. It begins with the harsh facts, ‘globally there are enough clothes in existence to dress the next six generations’, and ‘in the UK we send 350,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill annually.’

After highlighting the problem, the video goes on to offer a solution to the viewer, from ethical sourcing and label checking to repairing and rewearing clothes you already own.

By featuring real life designers, the campaign feels authentic, modern and personal. It also offers actionable advice on how consumers can make sustainable choices on an individual level.

The first episode was released on 27 April alongside a trailer signposting towards the first episode. The documentaries are running across Amazon properties and on the Havas London YouTube channel.