TUESDAY 3 AUG 2021 3:42 PM


VICE Media Group worked with Shelter to create a documentary titled ‘Not My Shame: Britain’s Housing Emergency,’ to shine a light on the severity of the housing crisis through emotive and personal storytelling.

Creative agency, Yonder Media, planned the campaign for Shelter, the housing and homeless charity, in partnership with VICE Media Group which will produce and publish several documentaries and articles over the next six months. It follows Shelter’s ‘Fight for Home’ campaign which launched last month to demonstrate the rapid escalation of the housing emergency in Britain.

VICE Media Group will be responsible for producing short documentaries to raise awareness of the housing crisis and the systemic factors behind it. Georgina Bacchus, executive creative director at VICE Media Group, says, “Faced with increasingly difficult times, young people across the UK are using activism to call for equality and meaningful social change. We truly believe that the scale of the emergency needs to be addressed, and we want to use our platform to galvanise our audience to take action and join us in our call for safe housing for all.”

The housing crisis is disproportionately affecting low-income communities and people of colour, and the campaign purposefully focuses on telling these individual stories. VICE Media Group and Shelter have continually put people with lived experiences at the front of the campaign, including the director, Daisy-May Hudson, who had personal experience of homelessness, and presenter Amina Gichinga, an educator, community organiser and activist for London Renters Union.

The campaign works to visually demonstrate and contextualise how easily vulnerable people can become homeless, through no fault of their own. It aims to challenge viewer’s discrimination by providing a platform for individuals to speak freely and openly about their experiences.

Ariel Haber, head of marketing at Shelter, says, “Our ‘Fight For Home’ campaign is all about showing the human impact of the housing emergency and what it means for people when they don’t have a safe, secure or stable home. With its storytelling credentials and willingness to speak out against social injustice, VICE is the perfect partner to help us inspire people to join us in demanding change.”

Future campaign videos, articles and assets continue to roll out through the remainder of 2021.