TUESDAY 30 NOV 2021 10:51 AM


For its Christmas 2021 campaign, Vodafone Ireland chose to celebrate the development of rural Ireland and the transformative journey of local communities connected by technology.

Creative agency, Grey London developed the campaign around the story of two young people, a young farmer who waits for his neighbour, a woman that only returns from the city at Christmas. The story plays out over several years and delivers an emotional storytelling campaign that resonates with the reality of modern Ireland.

Niall Reynolds, marketing manager at Vodafone Ireland, says, “This year’s Vodafone Ireland Christmas ad captures the growing feeling and reality that rural Ireland has begun a period of regeneration. With remote working a reality off the back of the necessities of the pandemic period and the quickening pace of Vodafone Ireland’s mobile and fibre broadband infrastructure expansion, more and more people are moving closer to loved ones and closer to where they want to call home.”

The video ends on a positive note, as the woman eventually decides to return to Ireland, in part due to Vodafone’s growing networks. The narrative cleverly connects with families, children and adults, as the story travels through time and brings two people with different aspirations and livelihoods together.

Grey London focused on creating an authentic depiction of the Irish experience. A local farmer was on set to advise on key scenes, the custom dog whistle was made by a local jeweller and the Wren boys, a tradition where people dress up in straw masks and suits on 26 December, were overseen by the local wren society.

The video will run on television from 22 November, accompanied by VOD, online content, social and OOH.

Each_Christmas.mp4 from Grey London on Vimeo.