THURSDAY 3 JUN 2021 3:04 PM


Planet Marketing has launched its climate conscious agency with a commitment to working with brand leaders in sustainability, delivering impactful storytelling campaigns and differentiating from greenwashing comms.

The climate crisis is no longer just for activists and NGOs, as businesses around the world are becoming more conscious of their role in the climate change, sustainability and net zero effort. This shift has opened the opportunity for brands and marketers to promote their green credentials.

“With an appreciation of the collective effort required to achieve net zero, Planet Marketing is committed to helping market businesses that have sustainability at their core. We can deliver targeted and focused campaigns that amplify the call for planet consciousness and drive business to a brand,” says Simon Ellis, co-founder and managing director of Planet Marketing.

Sustainability marketed products grew over seven times faster than conventional products between 2015 and 2019, as a result of increased ethical and sustainable choices among consumers.

This has led to a rise in greenwashing, making it difficult for authentic sustainable brands to stand out from the crowd. Planet Marketing was co-founded by communications and marketing proffesionals, Simon Ellis and Johanna Andersson, to tell socially conscious brand stories and ensure their efforts for positive change are being truly understood.

“Brands that are leading the way often find their messaging lost in a busy marketplace of green claims or confused by the sheer number of certifications, indices, complex science and acronyms that don’t work in favour of clear customer communication. We are changing that,” adds Ellis.

Long-term sustainable marketing and communications strategy is much more effective than short-term emotive responses. The agency will use purposeful messaging to tell stories of brand’s carbon reduction activities, net zero strategies, circular economy innovations, social injustice campaigns and philanthropic efforts.