THURSDAY 22 JUL 2021 2:06 PM


Global marketing communications agency, Wunderman Thompson, has launched Fund Femme, new global database of women and non-binary owned businesses aiming to tackle gender inequality in the economy.

Women represent only 33% of businesses owners, despite making up 50% of the population, and having 80% of spending power in the economy. Covid-19 has only worsened this gender gap as women-founded start-ups received 27% less funding.

Pip Hulbert, UK CEO of Wunderman Thompson says, “Only 3% of Venture Capitalist funding currently goes to women owned businesses despite the fact they deliver higher revenue on average. That’s an imbalance that needs to change.”

Over the last year, women were also one third more likely to work or own a company that was forced to shut during lockdown. Due to the widening of this investment gap, Wunderman Thompson has created a dedicated platform for female founders to tell their story and increase consumer awareness of their brand.

Alongside providing consumers with a directory of products and brands, the platform also establishes a support network for business owners via an editorial hub and social media channel. The platform focuses on PR and storytelling, to share the human stories behind the businesses and its people.  

“I’d urge everyone to think about the businesses you know that can join the movement, and how you use your spending power moving forward. Every pound plays a role in shifting the scale,” adds Hulbert.