MONDAY 14 JUN 2021 3:51 PM


Digital asset management app, FotoWare, has released a world first feature enabling organisations to record usage rights of images. This will help brands to manage digital assets and avoid issues of consent or data privacy.

The FotoWare Consent Management feature can be used on browsers and mobile apps to record usage rights and consent immediately as the image is captured. It will use AI to find any related images and assign the same data. The app is aimed at asset managers, communications professionals and HR admin teams to streamline the process of acquiring digital rights.

The rise in GDPR regulations means organisations must be diligent when using images to create campaigns. The FotoWare app will help businesses to comply with regulations by automating and simplifying the collection, storage and retrieval of image consent information.

Janniche Moe, product director at FotoWare, says, “Privacy regulations are being introduced in more countries using GDPR as a template, so this is only the beginning of our long-term commitment to a comprehensive solution for consent management.”

AI technology will search for employee’s images using facial recognition and ensure that all existing and new images stored in the platform are tagged with the same permissions.  If an employee agrees to their image being used on the internet but not on social media, the platform can filter this through.

“Being automatically notified that, for example, consent has been withdrawn, means that marketers can feel more confident that they are operating in accordance with the GDPR, and that they can easily make updates in channels that comply with the regulations,” adds Bettina Berntsen, head of marketing at FotoWare.