MONDAY 22 MAR 2021 3:21 PM


The research conducted by Toluna found that nearly 80% of people choose brands aligned to their personal values and despite economic struggles, consumers are eager to spend their money post-lockdown.

Toluna Corporate delivers real-time consumer insights and market research solutions to enable companies to utilise technology and expertise.

Toluna’s ‘Understanding the 2021 Consumer’ Global Barometer Study uses a community panel of 30 million members to provide information on the world’s current perceptions.

The last twelve months have forced consumers to look at what they value. The 2021 consumer expects brands to be more environmentally and socially conscious and to behave in a compassionate and responsible way.

The latest research from Toluna surveyed 1,032 respondents in the UK. It found that 84% of people believe brands should be held accountable for their actions, with 68% saying they would stop supporting brands that don’t align with their personal values.

A key finding from the survey was optimism about spending. Consumers said they were looking forward to spending money post-lockdown on activities that have been limited this past year. On the top of the agenda are in-store shopping, dining out and personal care activities.

Of those surveyed, 43% said they can't wait to visit a physical store to shop and 36% said they are looking forward to eating out as soon as possible.

Richie Heron, VP product methodology at Toluna says, “The pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves, including what we value as human beings and what matters the most to us. We want, and expect, brands to have the same values as us and take accountability for their actions. Brands need to raise their game.”