THURSDAY 4 FEB 2021 10:52 AM


Nesta Challenges partnered with the Open Banking Implementation Entity to a run ‘Open Up 2020’, an initiative aiming to improve customer understanding, trust and access to open banking technology.

Nesta is a UK-based charity foundation that works to bring innovative ideas to life through programming, research and funding. One such strategy is Nesta Challenges, which uses prizes to stimulate new ideas and solutions.

Blue State was tasked with running the digital campaign and it began by highlighting 15 separate fintech offerings. It profiled every audience and positioned individual products to suit them. Effective strategies and message framing were identified through the testing of over 30 unique messaging angles across 50+ audiences.

The nationwide campaign was hugely successful, achieving 3x higher awareness of open banking, a 2.6x increase in trust and a 2x increase in the likelihood of customers to adopt the products.

The key to this success lay in the continuous optimisation of activity based on findings and key moments, which were then used to drive higher adoption over time. This approach meant that when Covid-19 hit, affecting the financial stability of millions of customers, Blue State was quickly able to adapt its messaging and maintain campaign longevity. The open banking sector now has evidence on what best resonates with audiences and which solutions are most effective in creating a resilient campaign.