MONDAY 15 FEB 2021 12:56 PM


Online searches for freelance PR professionals increased by more than 7.4% over the last year, creating ample opportunity for professionals looking to make the leap into self-employment.

The data from insurance broker PolicyBee found searches for freelance PR services have been growing steadily in recent years, up almost 20% between 2018 and 2020. While the pandemic has created challenges for most businesses, the freelance area of PR industry has benefitted as the commercial world became more digitally focused.

Businesses have adapted to be more flexible in allowing staff to work remotely, a position that would previously been reserved for freelancers. Traditional companies have started to trial new methods of working and are consequently more open to freelance operations. Economic uncertainty also contributes to the rise in freelance opportunities, as a way for employers to avoid the bigger commitment of full-time employees.

Kerri-Ann Hockley, head of customer service at PolicyBee, says it is important for freelancers to consider their insurance, accounting and IT needs before setting out on their own. Nevertheless, “With so much uncertainty across the job market at the moment, it is encouraging to see that there are increasing opportunities to be found for PR professionals willing to take the plunge into freelancing” says Keri-Ann Hockley.