FRIDAY 26 FEB 2021 1:36 PM


“Some of us work better in the office. Some are more productive at home. And many of us find we’re most effective when we have options,” says Spotify as it announces the new ‘Work From Anywhere’ programme, which allows employees to work more efficiently in a post Covid-19 world.

The hybrid work scheme is built on trust and communication, which will strengthen its corporate reputation as an innovative and employee-centric company. Employees will be able to choose to work at an office, remotely or at a co-working space. Spotify is one of several corporations, including Salesforce, Facebook and Twitter, committing to the continuation of remote working as business returns to a post-pandemic world.

The announcement comes as businesses prepare to reemerge from national lockdowns and return to physical work environments. Spotify has opted to change the structure of its workforce to better suit the ‘new normal’ and support those employees that work more efficiently from home, while still paying office salaries.

The scheme aims to boost productivity and provide a better work-life balance and employee culture. This follows the success of Spotify’s ‘Flexible Public Holiday’ benefit, launched in 2017 and its ‘Employee Incentive Mix’ introduced in 2019. The new ‘Work From Anywhere’ scheme will also ensure Spotify attracts the best global talent, as employees seek working hour flexibility.

Spotify is the fastest-growing audio streaming and media services provider, operating in 79 global markets, with over 6,000 employees.