MONDAY 6 SEP 2021 4:26 PM


Martech leader, Access Intelligence has merged with media monitoring, intelligence and insights solution provider, Insentia. The move comes in response to the global evolution of the communications landscape which has seen 41% of comms professionals agree that PR and Marketing are now indistinguishable.

The research from Access Intelligence reveals that 41% of global PR and marketing professionals believe the sectors are now indistinguishable, while 53% believe it will be in five years.

Of the 200 global marketing and PR professionals surveyed, 72% agreed leadership teams understand their function and value within the wider business. This rose to 75% of PR and comms professionals but falling to 65% of marketing professionals.

Joanna Arnold, CEO of Access Intelligence, says, “This research shows just how much PR and marketing is converging, and it is vital that the tools relied upon by this group keep up with evolving needs.”

Marketers were found to believe internal leadership is the more valuable stakeholder, followed by potential customers and existing customers. PR professionals on the other hand, reported media contacts, existing customers, internal staff, internal leadership and potential customers as the most valued stakeholders.

Together, Insentia and Access Intelligence Group will have a global client base of over 6,000 across four continents and ten markets. The merger will see Insentia’s media intelligence capabilities combined with Access Intelligence’s flagship product, Pulser which provides real time data analysis of social media, search data and online conversations globally.  

“Combined, we have the opportunity to create a next generation of media intelligence that is truly customer-centric and highly innovative to cater to this evolution, providing clients with a deeper understanding of key consumers and other stakeholders. We plan to accelerate investment in Isentia’s existing products as a fundamental part of our innovation roadmap,” adds Arnold.