FRIDAY 14 MAY 2021 12:59 PM


The CIPR, PRCA and ICCO have announced a cross-industry collaboration to address the industry’s mental health challenges. The audit will be used to improve wellbeing support and accelerate positive change across the sector.

The professional bodies conducted a survey in partnership with strategic insight agency, Opinium, to assess the mental wellbeing of PR professionals. The research will be done pro-bono and using Opinium’s Workplace Mental Wellbeing Framework.

Alastair McCapra, CIPR chief executive, says, “The impact of the stress attached to working in public relations needs no introduction. The fast-paced, public-facing nature of our work means it can be incredibly rewarding but also hugely taxing. It is the single biggest threat to the profession as a whole - whatever sector, whatever discipline, and whatever level you work in - it shouldn't have to be this way and collectively this is something we can only change by working together.”

Results will inform joint programmes of activity over the summer aiming to the support mental wellbeing of PR professionals, as the working world prepares to change once again post-lockdown.

“There is no doubt that the industry’s mental health challenges have been compounded by the pandemic. Our people have worked under extraordinary pressure and we must now do everything in our power to establish policies and foster cultures that prioritise mental health. Every employer has a responsibility and a duty of care towards their staff in this regard. I’m pleased that the industry bodies will be working together to create positive change,” adds Francis Ingham, director general of the PRCA and chief executive of the ICCO.

The organisations are urging all PR and communications professionals to complete the survey, which can be found here.