TUESDAY 16 MAR 2021 1:27 PM


The UK Government has announced that apprenticeship scheme incentive payments will double to £3,000. The PRCA is calling for organisations to seize this opportunity and help train the next generation of PR professionals.

Training apprentices is an opportunity for corporations to attract upcoming talent and demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion when hiring entry-level employees.

The PR Apprenticeship programme offers aspiring professionals from all backgrounds the opportunity to work full-time in PR and gain practical training and assessments in the workplace. The apprentices work for 18-months with 93% going on to secure permanent employment in the PR industry.

The chancellor has also announced a flexi-apprenticeship programme, which will enable young people to work for a number of employees in the same sector.

Director general of the PRCA, Francis Ingham, says, “The doubling of the apprenticeship grant to £3,000 per apprentice provides organisations with an irresistible opportunity to bring on great young talent while giving the business an immediate boost. We’re seeing a race to recruit and retain the best talent in the industry right now. The PR apprenticeship gives employers the chance to get ahead of the competition.”

Companies have until 30 September 2021 to hire a PR apprentice and receive the government payment for all new hires.