MONDAY 29 MAR 2021 4:57 PM


The PRCA has launched its Annual Perspective, providing insight from 20 global leaders highlighting the ethical challenges faced by PR professionals globally. The ethics of the pandemic and digital innovation are key themes from the past year.

The aim of the global report is to encourage PR professionals to reflect on their purpose and engage in more meaningful global dialogue on ethical practice in 2021.

It gives valuable international insight from industry leaders operating in 10 countries across continents. Key issues include the West vs. East divide, mental health and gifts and bribery.

There is a timely focus on the ethical problems presented by the pandemic, from prioritising national health and vaccination hierarchies to reimagining culture in a post-pandemic world.

The rise of digital comms is another focal topic point as global leaders note the rise of influencers, AI and GDPR’s failure on Facebook.

David Gallagher, PRCA ethics council chair, says “It’s safe to say there’s no shortage of ethical challenges facing communicators right now. With misinformation swirling, trust in institutions declining, and businesses operating in new ways, it’s essential we put ethics at the front of the line.”

The report follows the formation of the PRCA Ethics Council in May 2020, which aims to uphold and elevate ethical standards in the public relations and comms industry.

The 26 page report is freely available to PR and comms professionals from anywhere in the world.