FRIDAY 18 JUN 2021 12:27 PM


Gong Communications has launched its Refugee Press Office to build on its corporate social responsibility initiatives and B Corp commitments. It will help refugee charities without professional comms support to communicate stories and campaigns more effectively.

Gong Communications donates 160 hours of PR and comms support as part of its B Corp commitments, which ensures it meets the highest standards of transparency and accountability for positive change.

Hannah Hughes, project leader at Gong, says, “In previous years we’ve successfully worked with organisations such as Refugee Support, the African Entrepreneur Collective, and Uganda Conservation Foundation, securing coverage in influential international titles such as The Economist.”

Refugee charities need help amplifying their voices to reach campaigners, donators and changemakers. Gong Communications is a B Corp, PR and comms agency investing in human potential and natural capital. Through this initiative, expert media advice and public relations support will be provided for up to ten refugee charities per year.

Each year Gong Communications employees are asked to put forward a charity they would like to support. “This year, when we sat down as a team to choose which one charity we wanted to support, this issue of refugees and displaced people felt the most urgent. It proved too difficult to choose just one and so the idea of running a press office service that focuses on refugee issues was born.”

Find out more about the initiative here.