TUESDAY 20 APR 2021 12:55 PM


Environmental, social and governance issues will be more important this year than ever before, say senior business leaders in new comms report.

The research commissioned by global communications company, Grayling, was released yesterday in a report titled ‘New Collectivism: Building Better Business’.

Of the 500 senior business decision makers surveyed, 45% said that ESG would be more important than in any previous year.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and the upcoming COP26 conference, 82% said the decisions made will be more important than in any previous year.

Tom Nutt, head of corporate, UK & Europe at Grayling, says, “These findings confirm what we have been observing for some time now – that businesses are reassessing the wider role of their organisations in society.”

The report also charts the change in attitudes among business leaders from profit-focused approaches fifty years ago, to more socially focused business leaders today.

“This is being driven by three things – concerns about climate change and the environment; social unrest around the world and the simple fact that sustainable business is good business,” adds Nutt.

Communicating on issues of sustainability are critical for business longevity and for 43% of leaders, it will be a top priority in years to come. A further 33% said it will be in the top three priorities.

Upcoming challenges for businesses tackling ESG issues include Covid-19, the politicisation of sustainability and pressure from customers, consumers and governments to act quickly.

Opinium Research conducted the research between 3-8 February 2021, surveying 500 global senior business leaders.

Find the full report here.