WEDNESDAY 24 NOV 2021 3:49 PM


Research from The Trade Desk has found that 27% of British people are now streaming more music on their commute compared to this time last year. This boom in on demand streaming services points to an untapped opportunity for brands to utilise personalised consumer engagement.

The Trade Desk research found that 30% of UK customers are listening to fewer linear radio channels compared to 12 months ago. This data and the increase in commuters returning to work post-pandemic, contradicts the typical view that radio consumption is driven by people listening when commuting to and from work.

Young people were found to be largest demographic of ‘Solo Streamers’ consuming music streaming services while travelling, with 53% of drivers between 18–24 years old listening to more streamed music than this time last year. This compares to 77% of over 65-year-olds stating they do not use streaming services on their commute.

Bithika Basir, senior manager of inventory partnerships at The Trade Desk says, “Music streaming has taken hold because personalisation counts for a lot. At the same time, hybrid working habits mean people increasingly want to graze content, instead of having to tune in at rigid times for their favourite music.”

To target ‘Solo Streamers,’ The Trade Desk says brands should consider targeting comms based on the genre of music or podcasts they listen to. Utilising data-driven creatives can enable brands to engage streamers as they can alter the messaging based on the time or mood the streamers are in. With the increased uptake in streaming services, brands should also consider combining formats across channels including video and DOOH to help reinforce the message to streamers.

“For advertisers, it’s clear they should consider the mindset of the solo streamer in terms of ‘my time’ rather than ‘drive time.’ Brands who realise that drivers and commuters are individuals - and advertise accordingly - will come out on top,” adds Basir.