WEDNESDAY 21 APR 2021 10:35 AM


Social media agency, Born Social, partnered with King’s College London to launch a participant recruitment campaign for a study measuring the UK’s mental wellbeing. The campaign successfully increased sign-ups from males and those from BAME backgrounds.

It is no secret that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of people across the UK.  The ongoing research project ‘The Repeated Assessment of Mental Health in Pandemics’ aims to measure the nation’s emotional wellbeing and discover who has been most affected.

Born Social helped to readdress the previous imbalance in respondents from specific demographic groups. It saw a 50% increase in male sign-ups and a 20% increase in participants from BAME backgrounds.

The campaign led with the statement ‘Have you checked on your mental health?’ and used real-life images of potential respondents. By being more visually inclusive online, the campaign better communicated with its targeted audience.

The social media presence made a direct communication with potential research participants through a combination of news feed posts, stories and carousel ads on social media.

Dr Katherine S. Young, primary investigator in the RAMP study, says, “It’s been such a pleasure working with the Born Social team and I couldn’t be happier with how well the project has gone. We’ve particularly appreciated all their flexibility and advice on our journey through the diversity recruitment process.

Since launching the campaign, over 6,000 people have participated.