WEDNESDAY 3 NOV 2021 1:00 PM


Visual communications provider, Getty Images, has released new research highlighting the importance of clear environmental comms, as 55% of respondents said they try to only buy from brands that are communicating its sustainable commitments.

The research from Getty Images studied a nationally representative sample of 500 consumers aged over 18. The findings confirmed that the main barrier preventing people from practicing sustainability is the additional expense, cited as the primary reason by 42%. Almost one quarter of respondents admitted they need more information on how to live sustainably.

“The issue of climate action has never been more urgent, and our research shows people in the UK are willing and ready to do more – but they need the government and business to break down barriers to action and show them how they can make a difference,” says Dr Rebecca Swift, global head of creative insights at Getty Images.

The most common action taken by people towards climate action was found to be recycling for 73%, reusing waste for 47%, using environmentally friendly products for 39%, stopping use of single-use plastic for 39%, and making homes more energy efficient for 37%.

Search data on the Getty platform shows that businesses are expanding how they illustrate issues of climate action and sustainability. Searches have increased year over year for ‘renewable energy’ by +45%, ‘sustainable business’ by +91%, ‘sustainable farming’ by +263% and ‘biodiversity’ by +128%.

“What’s clear from our research is that when visual communications – whether an ad on TV or local council website – make sustainability personal and show the actions the average person can take, that drives real consumer behaviour. With people saying they need more information on how to live sustainably, this is a clear call to action for the government and businesses to expand the visual cues they are using and encourage further sustainable behaviours,” adds Dr Swift.

The findings were reported by Getty Images creative insights platform, Visual GPS, in conjunction with global market research firm, MarketCast.