TUESDAY 15 JUN 2021 12:38 PM


While many brands worry about whether to focus on live, virtual or hybrid events, creative comms agency, Top Banana, is looking at the benefits of virtual hybrid experience and the innovative online elements that can best replicate live audiences.

Brands and businesses have been creating physical events for years with a virtual element for global audiences. The rise of online platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams has made this easier than ever. However these viewers are often what Top Banana describes as ‘passive viewers and not active participants.’

Post-pandemic, the virtual element of hybrid events has an opportunity to change. These audiences are more demanding and expect more from their viewing experience. Just because they are watching from their office abroad, or the comfort of their living room sofa, does not mean they want to feel any less involved.

Top Banana says that too many brands are getting lost in the specifics of defining their events, when instead they should move away from buzzwords and focus on the infrastructure. Like much of the recent research on post-pandemic brand strategy, Top banana emphasises that there is not a one size fits all solution.

By giving attendees the ability to choose how they want to attend an event, brands will ensure they are installing the upmost confidence in a post-Covid world. Top Banana says giving people the choice to develop their own experience in the way they prefer is the future of live events, and those brands that are too focused on definitions risk being left behind.