WEDNESDAY 15 DEC 2021 1:58 PM


Strategic communication and change management consultancy, Williams Nicolson, has conducted industry research to identify the top trends that will shape decision making and business strategy for communicators and CEOs in 2022.

Trend strategist, Luis Ferreira, was commissioned to analyse content from the past year and identify the top trends that are set to influence business strategy and decision making in the coming year.

Claire Foster, co-author of the Williams Nicolson Trend Index and director at Williams Nicolson, says, “Traditional media and marketing campaigns have lost effectiveness; communicators must adapt. We have a huge responsibility. Our words have the power to change opinions, stir action and - in the context of the climate emergency - save lives. We must also consider how we present and promote virtual products and services, to blended, blurred audiences, in brand new markets.

The William Nicholson Trend Index 2022 highlights three trends for comms professionals to watch out for: radical responsibility, redefined reality, and revolutionary reach.

Radical responsibility refers to the opportunity businesses have to expand beyond core markets and work towards a sustainable future. This involves redesigning operations, products, and services to combat climate change and support the environment.

There will be challenges for businesses to evolve alongside technological developments within the metaverse. Redefined reality points to the need for brands to embrace the metaverse and create, define, and trade value. For example, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are brand new assets class fuelling trade by defining the ownership rights of digital assets, including animated GIFs or songs. Businesses should look beyond reality for investment opportunities to create unique experiences, products, and spaces to generate financial value online.

2022 presents opportunities for businesses to reconsider, relearn and rethink their audiences. Revolutionary reach refers to the process in which something goes from a product in hand to positive customer experience. The parameters of sales are increasingly defined by segmented experiences and communicators must understand their various audiences and comms channels.

“On the surface, it may feel like we are living in dystopia, but our industry has the creativity and drive to embrace these tangible opportunities. The onus is on us to narrate hope, be passionate and positive so the generations to come are able to thrive,”