FRIDAY 23 APR 2021 12:31 PM


Adtech company, Adverttu, is working to improve sustainability in advertising. The partnership with ClimateTech platform, Earthly, will connect brands and businesses to leading nature-based solutions that remove carbon and restore biodiversity.

Consumers are demanding that brands take a more active role in the fight against climate change. HSBC’s sustainability report shows that 86% of UK companies expect their sales to grow over the next year from an increased focus on sustainability. Reducing carbon footprint is a priority for over 79% of businesses.

Adverttu’s clients will benefit from the integrated carbon offsetting solution, which reduces and removes greenhouse gases to compensate for the CO2 emissions produced through comms campaigns.

The European Commission’s consultation on carbon labelling last summer, suggested that brands could be required to show carbon footprint on product labelling in the near future. Both Oatly and Quorn have already labelled their products and companies are feeling increasing pressure to improve transparency.

Artjom Jekimtsev, CEO and founder of Adverttu, says, “It is crucial that we support advertisers to achieve their sustainability goals and provide reassurance to climate-conscious consumers. It is equally important that we support our community of over 45,000 drivers to make positive changes too.”

ClimateTech company, Earthly, has natural assets that combine carbon storage and removal. It also supports a variety of international projects delivering social benefits.

Adverttu’s client dashboard has been enhanced to allow businesses to choose how their carbon emissions will be offset through Earthly.

Oliver Bolton, CEO of Earthly says, “In the fight against climate change, our first step must be looking at what we can do on an individual level to become carbon neutral or better yet, climate positive.”

Adverttu already uses biodegradable car wraps and enables clients to select electric and hybrid vehicles. The new partnership enables Advertuu to further improve the sustainability of advertising, marketing and comms delivery.