FRIDAY 2 JUL 2021 3:54 PM


The Voice Consumer Index (VCI) from voice agency, Vixen Labs, reveals current attitudes towards the use of voice assistants and how brands in seven different sectors can use this technology in comms campaigns.

Research findings show that majority of people now use voice assistant technology, with one third using it everyday. The technology has improved significantly over the past decade with Apple’s Siri having launched in 2011, Google’s Voice Search in 2012 and Amazon’s Alexa in 2013.

Vixen Labs shows that users of voice technology move from awareness with 80% searching for products, through to purchase and retention with 41% of users making a purchase through voice technology.

Voice technology can be used to build and deliver impactful comms campaigns that connect with the audience and clearly communicate the brand messaging. James Poulter, CEO & Co-founder of Vixen Labs, says, “Parallels can be drawn from the early days of the search engine and social media to show the opportunity available to brands that utilize this technology effectively, regardless of industry.”

“Currently there is a lot of white space for them to move into; the customer base is ready and waiting, but in order to tap into this new marketing channel, brands need to optimise, create and integrate their products and services with voice technology,” says Poulter.

The report was released in collaboration with the Linux Foundation’s Open Voice Network, whose members include Target and Microsoft. Read the full whitepaper here.