FRIDAY 23 APR 2021 2:22 PM


The ethnographic study released this week explores the personal experience of lockdown, offering insight into the ways people communicated from inside their homes.

London-based global advertising group, Ogilvy, conducted the research in a 272-page book and dedicated Instagram page documenting people’s experience of lockdown.

Using a combination of photography and commentary, the document shows the ups and downs of employees, friends and families covering topics including quarantine anxiety and remote working.

Ogilvy encouraged people to photograph and write about their lockdown experience. Insights from, “I’ve lost the rhythm of my day, Pretzel dog died 2 days into lockdown”, to “You won’t fucking believe it, the chippy is back open’, accompanied by a plate of chips with oozing gravy.

Dave Anderson, senior creative, Ogilvy UK says, “I was fed up with seeing images of deserted streets, an empty Piccadilly Circus always with that sad piano music. I wanted to see the real lockdown. How people were coping, what they were doing in their own houses, the silly and sad, the poignant and the practical, cakes and cats, home haircuts and dirty mugs. Booze and Barbies. Home gyms and home schooling. Makeshift desks… and death.”

The document works to show how the UK communicated during the pandemic, as brands and businesses went digital and consumers and employees were isolated in their homes.

Ogilvy UK clients received a copy of the book, which is now part of the London Museum’s Permanent Library Collection. The content was also been shared to a dedicated Instagram page @stayhome.takepictures.gram.