MONDAY 10 JAN 2022 1:59 PM


Research from independent design consultancy, The Frameworks, reveals that 73% of marketers believe it is harder to capture the attention of B2B audiences than it was a year ago. The report found lack of budget, the desire to ‘play it safe,’ and a heightened sense of competition are the main barriers preventing effective B2B comms.

The research report surveyed 150 B2B marketers in organisations of more than 500 people. The study aimed to explore the value of design in the current B2B market, and better understand the barriers that prevent B2B marketers from making bolder creative decisions.

The Frameworks spoke directly to senior B2B marketers to get their personal perspective and understand how marketers can adopt a bolder approach to excel creatively against competitors.

Ben Bush, partner and head of strategy at The Frameworks says, “It’s encouraging to see such an appetite for creativity among B2B marketers. And as capturing attention and engaging audiences becomes harder, it’s more important than ever that they address anything that’s stopping them embracing bolder creative decisions.”

Lack of budget was cited by 76% of B2B marketers as the main barrier impacting their ability to deliver effective communications campaigns. Respondents within larger organisations said there is often a desire to ‘play it safe,’ with 90% of businesses with over 2,000 employees being more likely to take a safe comms approach than try something new.

Heightened competition was also an increasing challenge for B2B communicators, with 73% of respondents stating it is harder to capture the attention of B2B audiences, in comparison to a year ago.

The report gives five points of advice for B2B marketers to re-engage with audiences and focus on design. Organisations should invest time in defining results and metrics which will provide meaningful data for the business without limiting creative freedom.

Working with an agency can also help to support bold creative ideas. For those organisations struggling for inspiration, the Frameworks suggests looking at what other companies are doing and educating key stakeholders on current opportunities to invest in bold design.

The Frameworks also encourages businesses to take risks, but it is important to understand that not every idea will work. Creative teams should not be scared to return to safer options when something goes wrong. Instead, the report highlights these experiences as an opportunity to learn, evolve and grow, while looking to build on these insights for the next creative venture.

“Great design connects at the most human level, and that applies just as much in a B2B environment as it does in any other walk of life,” adds Bush.

Access the full report Be Bold. The value of great design in B2B marketing here.