MONDAY 24 JAN 2022 10:26 AM


The latest video campaign from Amazon aims to show that the Alexa device can help people of any age, gender, or ability to live a happy life. Using emotive storytelling, the short promotional video highlights the power of music in sparking memories and building lasting human connections.

This campaign precedes three videos in the series titled Ironing, Opera and Pompeii. The latest video titled ‘Prom’ tells the story of an elderly married couple that are transported back to their first dance as teenagers when they hear the song ‘I Only Have Eyes for You.’

The video travels back and forth through time, but towards the end of the song it becomes clear that the woman’s memory of the event is fading. Her husband asks Alexa to play the song again and his wife is immediately comforted by the music and its associated memories.

The creative agency behind the campaign, Droga5 London, put personal relationships at the heart the video by using simple visuals and accompanying music to humanise the Alexa brand and connect with stakeholders on an emotional level.