THURSDAY 28 APR 2022 9:25 AM


LinkedIn created a two-minute film promoting its support for a new social enterprise, Inside Out, the UK’s first clothing brand created by young ex-offenders.

The unique rehabilitation programme launched in conjunction with the release of new data from the centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr). The video begins by revealing the data. Plain white text reads, ‘Only an estimated 2 in 10 prison leavers are able to find work in the first year of their release,’  before highlighting LinkedIn’s mission ‘to provide training and skills for young prison leavers to support their future.

The short film featured interviews with the young ex-offenders taking part in the project, as they design, collaborate and produce the clothing brand. The young people speak directly to the camera, explaining how the project has supported their future.

There are references back to the LinkedIn brand, as collaborative exercises take place in the LinkedIn office. One participant also explains how the programme also helped the ex-offenders to develop their professional profiles on LinkedIn and learn about best practices on networking and job applications.

"By giving these young prison leavers a second chance to demonstrate their potential we can start to remove some of the barriers they face and empower other young ex-offenders to make a fresh start,” adds Zara Easton, head of brand marketing, UK at LinkedIn.

The short and emotive film works to capture the spirit of the project by putting the people involved at the centre of the film. Creative agency, VCCP, partnered with LinkedIn to develop the pop-up store, where the young people could sell the merchandise.

Matt Lloyd, executive creative director at VCCP London says, “Support networks for young offenders are already few and far between, and the pandemic has sadly only added to that. For an ex-offender trying to build a new future, LinkedIn might not be the obvious place to start. But Linkedin is unique in being able to offer the kind of learning, advice and connections that might otherwise seem a world away. This Inside Out project is a wonderful opportunity for these young ex-offenders to demonstrate what’s possible with a little mentoring, encouragement and belief. We hope it helps start something much bigger.”

The clothing line consists of 13 pieces, including branded hoodies, hates, t-shirts and bags. The items were available for purchase at a pop-up store called ‘Black Canvas’ in Westfield Stratford between 19-28 April.