FRIDAY 22 APR 2022 11:26 AM


Over the past two years, people have been asked to stay at home and avoid using public transport. Transport for Wales recognised a shift in the way people communicate, with a heavier reliance on social media. With restrictions in Wales continuing to ease, the company launched a high-profile campaign titled ‘The Real Social Network,’ built on a foundation of consumer insights.

The Real Social Network is Transport for Wales’ first campaign which has been strategically aligned to roll out across Wales using paid, earned, shared and owned channels. The campaign positions Transport for Wales as a network that facilitates meaningful connections, builds communities and helps the people of Wales to access opportunities.

Designed to respond to the gradual re-opening of businesses post-pandemic, the video campaign aims to inspire people to get back to the physical world and take time away from social media.

Alongside promoting a message of mental wellbeing, the video maintains links back to the theme of travel via train, bus and on foot. The subtle references to the transport industry aim to encourage people to make more sustainable journeys as Covid-19 restrictions continue to lift. This aligns with Transport for Wales’ wider ambition to support the country’s move to net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Filmed across ten locations in Wales, the video captures the diverse range of demographics that use public transport to connect with family and friends. Consumer research combined with behavioural science insights informed the campaign strategy, with public transport highlighted as a means to connect people with the things they have missed doing the most.

David Abbot, creative director of the campaign at Golley Slater, says, “As the first multi-modal campaign for Transport for Wales, we needed a concept that re-positioned the brand in a post-Covid world. Our concept is bold, taps into the negativity people may have experienced throughout various lockdowns in Wales and allows us to not just meet the short-term ambitions of promoting sustainable travel– but works towards the wider ambitions of the brand too. The result is a campaign we’re proud to have worked on with Transport for Wales.”

The video works to raise awareness of Transport for Wales as a company that supports the social, cultural, environmental and economic wellbeing of the communities in which it operates. The integrated campaign will run until 5 June across TV, OOH, radio, social and digital media. Transport for Wales also secured Wales’ first bilingual sponsorship for the ITV Cymru Wales Weather to support the campaign.

“The pandemic has made us all think about what really matters to us. We’re all keen to get back to normal life and this campaign focuses on how we reconnect with people and places we’ve missed seeing,” adds Neil James, head of brand at Transport for Wales.