MONDAY 14 MAR 2022 12:39 PM


Westminster City Council have launched a borough-wide safety initiative aiming to help people to get home safely after nights out. Night Stars is a volunteer-run scheme that will actively work to make the borough a safer and more inclusive place.

Creative agency, Designhouse, developed a bold and distinctive identity for the initiative with bright pink colours. The launch video works to raise awareness of the new scheme as its success relies on people trusting the volunteers and recognising the brand identity.

Designhouse worked on everything across the brand identity, from the name and aesthetic to the typography, animations, and promotional film. A neon pink line travels throughout the visual assets including the launch video to represent a person’s journey to safety while also linking back to the recognisable brand identity. The handwritten typography enhances the human-nature of the initiative.

“The name ‘Night Stars’ encapsulates the purpose of the initiative by referencing how stars are known for guiding people through the night and are a familiar presence always looking out for us. It also alludes to how the volunteers - who are stars themselves – will create a network or constellation of support and guidance across the borough,” says Matthew Gillman, design director at Designhouse.

The volunteers will wear bright pink jackets to ensure they stand out from the crowd and present an approachable and reassuring presence. Councillor Rachael Robathan, leader of Westminster City Council, says, “Our volunteers are an incredible group of selfless individuals who are trained to support members of the public and will help anyone who appears to be in a vulnerable situation." 

The borough-wide night-time safety initiative will launch in Soho, Leicester Square, Piccadilly, China Town and Shaftesbury Avenue this March, with plans to expand its reach across the borough.