FRIDAY 12 APR 2024 9:00 AM


New research reveals AI’s usage amongst journalists despite the number of newsrooms with no AI use policies.

The State of Journalism report from public relations management platform Muck Rack shows that 28% of journalists use AI in their workflow, with 20% planning to explore it. Yet, nearly 60% of newsrooms have a no AI policy. 

What could be the cause for the attraction to AI despite its discouragement from newsroom leaders? 

Muck Rack CEO Gregory Galant points to this possibility: “It’s a difficult time for many journalists with layoffs and buyouts happening far too often. Using AI for tasks like research and brainstorming may help offset shrinking newsrooms, but more support and funding are needed to ensure a free and independent press endures.”  

This comes as 64% of journalists reported working more than 40 hours a week and nearly 80% say they work after hours at least once a week. However, nearly half reported earning less than $70k (£56k) annually, pointing to the gap between workload and compensation.