As the industry has predominantly shifted towards remote working, an ‘aways on’ culture risks heightening stress levels.

Content agency Audere Communications has launched a pro-bono podcast package for charities looking to enter into the medium.


New data reveals that nearly 90% of tech business leaders believe the current state of their digital platforms are not in shape for the next phase of the internet.
Most young employees are willing to receive a lower pay working at a responsible organisation than higher pay at an irresponsible one, data shows. However, as business consultancy Revolt highlights, companies struggle to measure their good doings.
A new report puts human composers and generative AI head-to-head when it comes to making commercial music.
Speak Productions has launched a new podcast series that looks to explore key challenges facing big brands in industries from fashion to pharmaceuticals.
With many offices sticking to remote work post-COVID, fewer colleagues have an actual desk in their physical workplace to claim as theirs, according to a new study from HUB.
New research reveals AI’s usage amongst journalists despite the number of newsrooms with no AI use policies.
According to a survey from Novuna Business Cash Flow, 25% of SME owners anticipate significant restructuring and redundancies will be necessary before the end of 2024.
Cognitive and stress-relief centred games are seeing a significant increase in interest, with free wellness games in high demand, data shows.