WEDNESDAY 26 JUN 2024 2:39 PM


Speak Productions has released a new podcast Good Corp, Bad Corp. Its latest episode discusses the reputational pressure points that the pharmaceutical industry faces, from positive to negative.

Good Corp, Bad Corp is a podcast about reputation and public perception towards businesses. The podcast brings experts in to discuss examples of companies that may or may not be perceived well and why.

The newest episode, published on May 22nd, 2024, talks about reputation within the pharmaceutical industry in a post-pandemic world. The episode has a balance of criticism for leading players in the industry and of positive changes being made in the industry.

The episode brings guests from different companies or universities in the pharmaceutical industry. Organisations quoted in this episode include Roche, GSK and Novo Nordisk.

The episode is hosted by George Theohari, current head of content at Speak Productions, who advises firms regarding corporate communications and content. The three guests are Joel Lexchin, professor emeritus at the faculty of health at York University of Canada; Claudia Martínez, head of research at the Access Medicine Foundation and Andy Powrie-Smith from the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries.

In the episode, Claudia Martínez comments: “Companies have an ethical responsibility to ensure access to their medicines.”

The episode is available to listen using Spotify or Apple Podcasts.