THURSDAY 15 JUN 2023 9:00 AM


EHL has been educating generations of leaders and hoteliers for 130 years; with this campaign, they wanted to raise further awareness of life at the school, in the hope of appealing to potential future students

In September 2021, EHL launched its own TikTok channel, which was a huge transformation to EHL’s communications and recruitment strategy.


The channel promoted the daily experiences of EHL students in an authentic and engaging way, drawing inspiration from its student volunteers to create the most unique and relatable content. EHL’s campaign brilliantly showcases its international
community and the strength of its dual educational model. TikTok proves the perfect platform to imbue an audience with a brand experience, allowing viewers to connect with EHL through real people and authentic stories.


As the videos were designed by students, for students, EHL’s campaign was able to resonate strongly with a young audience of potential future applicants. Videos were crafted around viral TikTok trends, framing life at EHL through the lens of its student population. With a total production of 185 videos since September 2021, EHL developed a creative and successful community channel that attracted an incredible 22,000 followers and 9.5 million views. The school’s purpose and its commitment to its students shone throughout this campaign, shedding light on a holistic picture of life at EHL.