WEDNESDAY 5 JUL 2023 9:00 AM


GE Healthcare were awarded the Grand Prix award at the Corporate Content Awards North America 2022 for their inspiring videos entitled ‘On the Frontlines’. What started as short, social-first videos used to highlight the courage, kindness and innovation of the GE Healthcare brand, is now averaging 10,269 views per video

GE Healthcare chose to combat a growing mood of despair that came with the growing number COVID-19 cases by launching an inspiring video series, 'On the Frontlines'. 

What started as a short, social-first videos of between three to seven minutes, designed as a new channel highlighting courage, kindness and innovation – values authentic to the GE Healthcare brand. 

The videos were a ‘mash-up’ of both news style and social-first content. The videos were hosted and edited with little postproduction. Participants were interviewed in their own authentic environments, at work or at home, often in the middle of a long day or late night and often remotely, with a patchy connection.

With season four achieving 113,000 views, at an average of 10,269 views per video, the series has grown to be a trusted
source for powerful stories of hope and kindness. Judges described the entry as “beautiful, compelling and heart-felt.” One judge said, “I found myself watching this entire video. I loved the variety of drone shots, matched with interviews and first-person narrative.”