WEDNESDAY 21 DEC 2022 12:00 PM


In 2022 the DEC, Livewire and ITV took home the 'Grand prix' at the Corporate Engagement Awards following their success in a multitude of categories.

ITV is Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster, reaching over 40 million viewers every week, putting the channel in the unmatched position to make a positive, global impact. As the situation in Ukraine deteriorated, ITV jumped at the opportunity to use its platforms for good. Through the ‘Concert for Ukraine’, ITV galvanised the UK around a shared goal of raising as much money as possible for the Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) humanitarian effort in Ukraine.

The concert was a one-off event that was incredibly planned and delivered in under three weeks and involved multiple players that brought specialist skills and a wealth of experience. One judge said, “I would struggle to think of how more could be achieved in the given timeframes; it is really impressive to see strong collaboration across so many stakeholders, with a clear vision and aim.”

The results speak for themselves, as the project massively exceeded fundraising expectations by an incredible £10 million, with a total amount raised of £13.4 million. One judge said, “This was a fantastic feat, reflecting huge amount of generosity and raising high levels of awareness.” In Ukraine, the money raised is being used to support the work of charities such as British Red Cross, Save the Children, Concern Worldwide and Age International, subsequently supporting the provision of shelter, food, water and hygiene kits, and supporting families.

Another judge said, “This is a brilliant example of pro-bono work; it shows excellent collaboration between all involved.”

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