FRIDAY 14 APR 2023 10:30 AM


In April 2022, WONGDOODY partnered up with The Financial Times and Infosys to launch ‘The Climate Game’. This gamification project won gold in the 'Best environmental and sustainable programme' category, as well as succeeding highly in other categories.

The climate crisis is one of the defining issues of our time, with its impact extending across politics, business, finance and society. And with Financial Times (FT) readers continuing to show a huge appetite for climate-related coverage, WONGDOODY partnered up with The Financial Times and Infosys to launch ‘The Climate Game’.

The Climate Game aimed to build an intuitive, gamified way to help both the public and government leaders understand (and embrace) the dramatic and interconnected changes needed to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The game needed to be accurate without crushing hope, and balance narrative storytelling with complex predictive data modelling. Immersive visual journalism allows users to walk this tightrope. By putting readers in the driving seat, with the omnipotence to make all necessary decisions for reducing emissions, the game became a powerful way to educate through entertainment and agency. 

The initiative produced excellent results, with half a million plays since it was first debuted on the FT homepage, and numerous requests from international organisations for the game to be syndicated and translated. The Climate Game is also now being used in sixth form colleges by teachers to create lesson plans, raising awareness of the climate crisis and what can be done to prevent it. One judge said, “This is an extremely innovative approach to the climate crisis, and I like the gamification element, it is very applicable to the school environment.”



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