MONDAY 20 FEB 2023 12:00 PM


In 2022, Aldi and Citypress took home the 'Grand prix' award with their reporting strategy, putting measurement at the heart of the data transformation.

Aldi’s communications team had a wealth of valuable media analysis, reports and data at its fingertips. But the existing measurement systems lacked the accuracy and efficiency to inform future comms. Citypress implemented a fresh strategy for Aldi’s reporting, with a focus on achieving best-practice as set out by the Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications.

Citypress put measurement at the heart of data transformation. This included training sessions for the Aldi team, streamlining metrics, introducing audience reactions and integrating business impact metrics into its comms reporting. Judges praised the consistent loop back to objectives through the research, planning and implementation phase.

Citypress understood the importance of ensuring the Aldi team were informed and aligned with the new system. It conducted a deep-dive review of existing reporting and carried out consultations with Aldi, its PR agencies and its media monitoring provider, Kantar. Key focus areas included improving quality control and moving Aldi’s reporting function over to Citypress’ independent analysis team. It transferred Aldi’s five existing reports into one deep-dive report and implemented monthly calls for Aldi and its agencies to collaborate and share findings.

“There was a very clear need to transform the data, and this is a very clear example of how to save valuable reporting time and improve data accuracy,” praised one judge. The impact of the econometric modelling speaks for itself, with key insights now informing Aldi’s future communications.

One of the most valuable findings identified PR as the strongest of all marketing channels in terms of delivering ROI. Citypress successfully reduced the time spent by the Aldi communications team on reporting and analysis by 104 hours.

Judges agreed this entry showcased that data designed to drive business incomes is a truly valuable tool and a worthy winner of this year’s Grand prix award.

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